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ENS - Free Institute for Technical Computer Science UG (limited liability)

ENS - Free Institute for Technical Computer Science (limited liability) — Embedded Network Solutions has started operations in 2010 in the Hamburg metropolitan area as a private research and development organisation. The institute deals with the design of components of intelligent software systems and offers experience in the field of knowledge acquisition and knowledge processing with the following R&D key aspects:

  • Statistical Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Semantic Technologies

There are a multitude of possible applications of these methods. (Semantic) search engine, web mining, logistics, building automation systems and last not least AAL are examples where assistive systems can provide situational decision support based on statistical data mining and self-learning techniques.

Statistical data mining shows its potential in particular when patterns must be detected in large data volumes. Web mining and text mining are special cases dealing with the extraction of knowledge from the Internet or text documents, respectively. When patterns become too complex or are not known a priori, so that systems cannot be trained anymore, machine learning techniques are applied. Finally, the representation of the acquired knowledge using semantic web techniques is important.